Reim Media Group is based in sunny Los Angeles, California and is run by Jordana Reim with the support of her team of content creators and social media specialists.

About Reim Media Group Founder: Jordana Reim


Jordana’s passion for digital started early: at age 15 she began creating digital content and built her first website to support her growing business on eBay. Through college, Jordana continued her passion for content creation via any media she could get her hands on: from producing weekly campus television, radio and newspaper content to making the most of the platforms of the moment: Friendster, MySpace and eventually Facebook.

Jordana began her full-time career in digital marketing in New York City. At LBi agency, she honed her creative skill set by leading brainstorms to come up with innovative digital campaigns for an array of clients. Eventually moving into production, Jordana spent the next 10 years at world-class agencies R/GA and Saatchi & Saatchi. There she partnered with clients including Nike and Toyota to produce top-tier work, garnering her and her teams with over a dozen awards and honors including multiple Clios, One Show Interactive and Webby awards.

Throughout this time, Jordana continued a focus in digital community building and Social Media. During her time as an Executive Producer at Saatchi & Saatchi, Jordana built the Social Media Production team. Under her leadership, this team managed over 75 campaigns on Toyota USA’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, from photo and video advertising to application and API integrations to Influencer Marketing.

When Jordana isn’t working on branding and storytelling for her clients, you might find her in an urdhva dhanurasana (huh?) that’s sanskrit for her favorite yoga pose, wheel or she might be concocting one of her famous green smoothies while blogging about people who inspire her (and maybe standing on her hands at the same time).

Jordana selects selects clients to work with who are aligned with her core values: we all get to feel joy in our bodies so let’s move them to the music, enjoy healthy foods and pamper ourselves with what makes us our very best. She wants to see a world where consumers’ lives are made healthier and more fulfilled by brands and businesses that actualize these values through their products, services and content.